Learn to Discover
A 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization


Current Research Areas:

  1. Research and deliver innovative ways to apply technology to improve people's lives.

    Learn to Discover has already developed a number of ways for students and adults to more efficiently use technology to improve their learning ability and expand their opportunities to succeed in life. We have a number of specific research projects dedicated to explore this area in more depth and will be releasing these findings periodically.
  2. Research hands-on learning technologies that enable students to develop skills and attitudes tailored for success in the 21st century.

    Learn to Discover is conducting research into the most effective courses, manipulatives (including, for example, robotics, clay, electronic components, etc.) and teaching methods to instill in students the passion for lifelong learning.
  3. Research how to reach all students with technology-based classes

    Learn to Discover has worked with a number of students with Asperger Syndrome to enable them to participate in a classroom setting that is usually thought to be ‘unavailable’ to them. The research was carried out by Shelly Laschkewitsch. Some of the findings were written up on the Creative Educator portion of Tech4Learning's website. Read Connecting with Asperger Students.

For more information on these research projects, or to contribute, please contact us.